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My Download area

The download area displays all documents and reports ordered for download in the last 10 days.

Documents may be downloaded as Tagged Image Format Files (TIFF) or Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

If a document is more than 10 days old, it will be removed from the download area whatever its download status.

The following information is displayed within the download screen:

Company No: The company number of the specified report or document.

Type: For individual documents the type e.g. 363a, AA etc. is displayed. For company reports the product name is displayed e.g. Current Appointments report.

Made-up-date: The year-end date of any individual accounts or annual returns ordered.

Pages: The number of pages contained in an individual document or company report.

Download: Click the PDF or TIFF icon to view/download the document image. Click this icon to download the report.

Download Date: The date the document or report was downloaded or viewed, or the number of days remaining.

Company Reports

By selecting the report icon under the 'Download' column, follow the instructions below to store the report and display via your own word processing package in Rich Text Format (RTF).

Saving the Document

When you click the document download icon in Internet Explorer a pop-up window will be displayed giving instructions on how to view and download the document. Clicking on 'HERE' transfers the document to your web browser and automatically displays it..

This document will not be stored on your computer, it is just a display image within your web browser. If you close down your browser or switch off your computer, the document will disappear and you will have to download it again. You should therefore always store the document on your computer before doing any work with it.

To save the document on your computer for viewing and printing at a later date, click the 'HERE' with the right button of your computer mouse.

Save Target As...

Once the computer has begun the document download, a Save As window will appear allowing you to specify a suitable directory on your computer in which to save the document.

Once a destination directory has been chosen a File Download window will appear telling you that the document is being downloaded and giving you a progress indication.

When this window disappears, downloading is complete and the document will be located in your chosen directory.

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