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Insolvency History

This screen shows the details of insolvency cases relating to a particular company or LLP. The following provides a summary of each item displayed:

Case Number: The number of insolvency cases against the company.

Case Type: There are twelve categories of case types displayed:

Voluntary Members Liquidation, Voluntary Creditors Liquidation, Compulsory Liquidation, Receivership or Acting, Receivership Section 38, Receivership Rule 3.32, Administration Order, Voluntary Arrangement, Declaration of Solvency, In Administration, Corporate Voluntary Arrangement Moratorium, Foreign Insolvency.

Appointment Date: The date the insolvency practitioner was appointed.

Instrument Date: Date of the charge over which the appointment was made.

Ceased to Act: The date that the practitioner ceased to act.

Wind Up Resolution Date: The date the resolution was passed to wind up the company.

Dec sol Sworn On: The date on which the declaration of solvency was sworn.

Statement of Affairs: A statement of the companies affairs on a specified date. This document is not available for Scottish companies.

Appointment Practitioner: The date on which the practitioner was appointed.

Final Meeting: Date of the final meeting of members or creditors.

Petition Date: The date of the petition. In a compulsory winding up this document is not filed with the Registrar and therefore not available to view.

Practitioner Release: The date on which the practitioner ceases to act.

Order of Suspension/Revocation: The date on which the order of suspension/revocation commences.

Notice of Completion: The final completion date of the arrangement.

Order of Court to Wind Up:
Places a company into compulsory liquidation and gives the effective date of winding up.

Company Practitioner Details: These have only been available since 23/11/1998.

Practitioner Name: The name of the authorised liquidator, administrator administrative receiver or supervisor.

Practitioner Address: The administrative address of the authorised insolvency practitioner.

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