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Login and registration help text
WebCHeck Registration

To use the service you need to register. This means that you need to supply us with a valid email address, we will use this to deliver service messages, as well as order confirmation emails and Monitor email alerts. You will also need to choose and confirm a password. Your password can be a maximum of 32 characters long and may contain both letters and numbers.

How do I Register for WebCHeck?

From the WebCHeck Login page select the 'Not signed up? Register Here' link.

WebCHeck Login

Every time you make a purchase or Monitor a company through WebCHeck, you will be asked to login using the email address and password you supplied when you registered for the service.

If you would rather not Login each time, you may select the “enable automatic login” checkbox on the WebCHeck login screen. Every time you visit webCHeck from this computer, your details will be recognised automatically (through the use of a cookie) until you click the “Logout” link.

If you are using a publicly accessed computer, in a Internet café or Public library for example you may prefer not to select The automatic login option as this would mean others could access your document download area.

I can't remember my password?

From the WebCHeck Login page select 'Forgotten your password? Click here' and enter your email address.

How do I amend my details?

From the Select and access Company Information” screen select the “My Account” located in the top left hand (underneath the Companies House Logo). Then select the link within the ‘Account Settings’ box. Enter your email address and old password, then type your new chosen password or email address in the fields provided.
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