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Monitor this Company

You can choose to monitor a company and receive email notifications when documents have been filed.

To use the service, all you need to do is register your email address with the WebCHeck service; and then simply choose the companies and documents you are interested in. You can also choose to add a reference field. As soon as the documents are received and scanned, the system will recognise your interest and send an email alert notifying you that the document is available to order. You can then decide whether you wish to order the document image.

For a detailed list and explanation of the document codes and the documents included within each category, please see the ‘Document Codes and Descriptions’ Help Text.

When you want to monitor a company, just complete the details and add the order to your Shopping Basket. When you are ready to pay by credit/debit card, you can proceed to checkout. The service is available at a cost of 50pence per company monitored and each request will run for a 12-month period. After this period, you can choose to renew the monitoring or simply leave it to expire. A reminder email will be sent to you when your Monitor request is due to expire.

You can also Edit or Delete a monitored company at any time, through your ‘My Monitor’ page.

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