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My Monitor

This screen displays all of the companies that have been chosen to monitor. The monitored companies are displayed in date order. You may browse through your Monitored Companies by clicking on the page numbers or by using the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ page links. To go to a specific company number within the ‘My Monitored Companies’ list, enter the company number in the ‘Go to company no.’ search box and click on ‘Go’.

You can choose to edit or delete a monitor request by clicking on the corresponding link. To confirm all changes made to your list, you must click on the ‘Confirm’ button.

If a Monitor request is due to expire within 30 days, a ‘renew’ link will appear alongside the entry in the list. An email reminder will automatically be sent when a monitor request is due for renewal.

The ‘Filing History’ column within your list displays an image icon. When the image icon is clicked on, the Filing History for that company will be displayed. This allows you to order any recently filed documents for that company.

For a detailed list and explanation of the document codes and the documents included within each category, please see the ‘Document Codes and Descriptions’ Help Text.

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